The New Gut Healing Protocol to Restore your Confidence, Clarity and Vitality

Do you ever feel like you’re eating well, doing all the research and striving to live a healthy lifestyle yet are still experiencing gut issues?


Do you often feel disheartened because you’ve tried so many different tactics to improve your gut health, but haven’t found anything that works for you long-term?

Trying to fix gut issues can feel like a never-ending spiral, where you’re stuck in a constant trial-and-error state. It can feel as though you’re trying so hard to improve things, yet at the end of the day you’re always left feeling flat, fatigued and frustrated.

We live in a world saturated of information where everyone has their own idea about the ‘right’ diet and the ‘real’ problem, and it can be very overwhelming trying to discern what is true for you.


The good news is, there is a way to cut through the noise and finally discover the truth behind your symptoms, allowing you to bring back the joy in eating and giving you the freedom to say yes to the things you want to.  The best news is, you’ll feel amazing and happy within yourself in the process!


You can heal your gut

You can have much more calm, choice and certainty in your life and never have to worry about what to eat again! In fact, you can have a gut that is so resilient that if you do stray ‘off track’ or accidentally eat something that doesn’t agree with you, you’ll be able to quickly recover instead of being set back for weeks.


Hi, I’m Sarah. After years of struggling with gut issues, going through various tests and treatments, I had almost given up. I thought that things were always going to be this way.

Despite my nutrition training and gluten free protocol (due to being diagnosed with coeliac disease), I couldn’t get the answers I needed until finally, I discovered a new, holistic approach which addresses all factors that cause the gut to feel grief.

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I’ve now developed a signature methodology to help people with gut issues who are experiencing exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm, to transform their lives so they can have more energy, calm and clarity.

At the end of the day what I’m really passionate about is helping people to become the healthiest and most vibrant versions of themselves.

My purpose with this program is that you’ll feel supported in every way that you need to be able to break free from the restrictions of gut issues and live life on your terms, without having your gut hold you back.


Through our work together, you’ll be able to cut through the confusion and get the empowerment you need to be able to simply enjoy life without having to constantly worry about what’s going on with your gut that day. You’ll finally understand what’s behind your symptoms and how to give your body exactly what it needs to facilitate lasting healing. No more short-term fixes – this is about giving you lifelong solutions.

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As this is a private program, you have access to me, directly, to give you all the support you need. If something isn’t working for you, I’ll be there to help you tweak it. You’ll have me in your corner, cheering you on and giving you all the support you need to get on top of those gut symptoms once and for all so that you can simply get on with life, whatever that means to you. Maybe you want to go travelling, be more social, work to your full capacity, experience more calm and peace, enjoy meals out more – all of the things that get affected by gut issues.


For a long time, I’ve wondered why it is that people react so differently to food, and why gut healing is so challenging. I’ve spent years completing my training and researching all possible avenues which can impact gut symptoms, and I’ve finally been able to put together a complete protocol. All my research, experience and lessons from the mistakes I’ve made is now packaged together for you, in this program.


Imagine a future where you’re no longer held back by your gut…

Have the energy to live life as your healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself

Enjoy food without the fear of repercussions like bloating, gas or stomach upsets

Release the stress and create more calm, peace and happiness

Feel at ease because you know exactly what you need to do to keep your gut health at its best and avoid flare ups

In just 90 days you’ll have all the insight, awareness and understanding you need to make this a reality.


The Modern Day Gut Method which details the complete, sequenced system to bring healing to the gut and maintain long-term gut health in a busy, modern world

Six Private Strategy Sessions delivered in an online private space providing gut-specific nutritional work and coaching to give you the support, empowerment and motivation to clear what’s in your way and move forward in your journey


Unlimited Access to the program content including videos and downloadable PDFs setting out everything you need to know

Customised Dietary Planning to nurture your body with exactly what it loves and needs

·Unlimited Email Support for those SOS moments when you need some guidance


Specific Nutritional Testing and Targeted Gut Healing Supplementation to uncover and correct the cause of the problem (external costs not included in the program price)

Maintenance Strategy Plan at the program conclusion which sets out everything you need to stay on track going forwards


Janet McGee, Brisbane, Australia

I had been struggling for a long time. I felt sick all the time.  Tried anyone and everything. Since meeting Sarah I've had success after success. This is the first time I have had relief in so long. 

I have more energy and I sleep right through the night (have not done that for years).  The best thing is my stomach is not so angry anymore.  I stopped passing wind (all the time with no control), burping and I no longer have stomach pains or an upset stomach. 

I’m much more confident, my clothes fit better, and I feel empowered with all the knowledge and direction I now have.  Sarah is a listener.  She answers all my questions and is very knowledgeable.  She KNOWS what she is talking about and recommends. I can tell her anything.  I am so glad we found each other, and I recommend Sarah to everyone! 

Ashleigh Barnard, Brisbane, Australia
Since working with Sarah, I no longer feel nauseous and my headaches have gone away. My skin has also cleared up and I have so much more energy. Sarah has been fantastic - super helpful and very responsive. I'm so happy with my results!.

Svetlana [Lana] Terechshenko, Brisbane, Australia

I had a pleasure of working with Sarah since December 2018.  My child had been seriously unwell for several months prior to that, with the symptoms being inflamed lymph nodes, headaches, painful stomachaches, severe eczema, and weight loss.  In December, the child was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in the hospital.  I found the combination of the efforts of the hospital team (pediatrician, dermatologist, etc.) and Sarah’s advice extremely beneficial.  Sarah was able to provide enormous help with the following:

  • She suggested a step-by-step treatment plan, with regular conversations along the way.  It made digesting tones of new information a lot easier for me.  There is plenty of often contradictory data in the Internet, whereas Sarah was able to streamline and structure the advice to make it clear.

  • Sarah explained how a huge part of the treatment depends on healing the gut.  She was the first to suggest undertaking the intolerance test, which identified multiple food intolerances in addition to gluten.  Simply sticking to the gluten-free diet was not enough, as other foods were causing constant inflammation.  With Sarah’s guidance, recipes and tips, and us adhering to the diet, I was able see the results in a few months.

  • Although we are still in the middle of the journey, after 4 months, headaches and stomachaches were gone; bloating reduced sufficiently; inflammation is decreasing; skin condition has improved and eczema has become manageable.

  • Sarah is giving extremely helpful advice on restoring the flora and inner state of the gut, settling the immune system and bringing the inflammation down, as well as the necessary supplements and nutrients.

 She explains everything in a comprehensive language, making it clear how the connections and substances in our body work and affect our wellbeing.  As opposed to the mere prohibition of non-tolerated foods, Sarah explains what it is in them that is not working well with the body, and suggests replacement options to ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals are consumed. 

 She always responds promptly to my questions.  Her answers are well explained and researched.

 Sarah is an emphatic, honest, reliable and extremely pleasant person.  I will definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is suffering gut-related and nutritional issues.


Diane Henderson, Brisbane, Australia
Sarah’s advice and suggestions for dietary changes and supplements have certainly helped me to overcome a few longstanding health issues in quite a short period of time. I am now more able to predict the foods that I should avoid, and I have strategies to use when I am away from home and have less control over my diet. I have really appreciated the research that Sarah has done to assist me in overcoming each of the health issues I spoke with her about. My gut issues have improved so much that I am now able to live a more relaxed lifestyle. Sarah has been very friendly, supportive and easy to work with. I have really enjoyed working with Sarah.


It’s Time For Things To Change

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I’ve whittled down all my personal and clinical experience over the last 10 years so that you can be at your best health and create the confidence, clarity and vitality you need to live a rich and joyful life.


The doors are now open on this brand new, revolutionary program and I invite you to join me!


Apply Now

There are limited spaces available in this program so if this resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you!  Click on the button below to book your application call today.

On the call we’ll get a clear sense of where you’re at, where you’d like to get to and whether the Modern Day Gut Wellness Program is a good fit. We’ll also cover off any questions and go through the program in detail.


I don't have the time
This is exactly why you should do this program! We’ll work together to organise your life, free up the time that your gut issues are currently taking up and give you back the time you need to create lasting inner peace in all aspects of your life.
We’ll also work together to implement the program in a way that suits you and your lifestyle, AND I am available for our sessions after hours.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! I want to make this as accessible as possible for people and there are flexible payment plans available. Contact me to discuss your situation.

It sounds great, but will it work for me?
I know that investing in yourself is scary, especially when we tend to put ourselves last!

This program has been designed specifically for people dealing with gut issues, particularly if it has been an ongoing problem for some time. I’ve combined my years of clinical and personal experience into a signature methodology to help you heal the gut and create more calm, clarity and confidence in your life.

You could try and continue researching on your own, experimenting and learning new things, but there is no guarantee that will work, and you may just end up wasting a whole heap of time. When you join this program and commit to doing the work, I’ll be there for you throughout the whole duration to support you and help you to achieve your goals. We’ll make sure that we follow strategies that are right for you to set you up for success.

How long do the private sessions last? 
Typically 30 minutes.

How are the private sessions delivered?
Online by video call (Zoom). This allows us more flexibility and the ability to work together from anywhere in the world.

Ready to Get Started?

This program is available at special pilot pricing for a limited time only (price on application).  Places are filling fast, so if you’re ready to level up and get the freedom to enjoy life without your gut symptoms holding you back, book in a complementary, no-obligation Gut Health Discovery Session today.


Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Send me a message using the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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