Gut Makeover Package

If you’re regularly bloated, lacking energy and your day is interrupted by digestive symptoms but these are not severe, this package is for you.

end the frustration

It is frustrating to continually get bloating and alternating constipation and/or diarrhoea and being unsure what is causing it. Let’s find out what your body needs and correct the problem at its source.

let go of the stress

Imagine how much easier it would be to get through the day without the worry or interruptions of erratic bowel movements. Bring more joy, peace and ease into your life starting today.


Bloating is not your identity

boost your energy

Constant fatigue can be quite debilitating. We have so many demands in life - work, home and other commitments - and it when we are always feeling tired it’s very hard to get through all of this and have energy left over for the things we enjoy, too! Let’s reclaim your energy so that you can power through your day once again.

get answers

You are probably wondering why you keep getting all of these symptoms when you have a generally healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. With the right information and by following the right techniques, you will finally have answers and be on top of those symptoms once and for all.

This package is for you if you

  • Are often bloated and get on-and-off constipation/diarrhoea

  • Have not been able to work out why this keeps happening, despite your best efforts

  • Are frustrated with these symptoms but confused because there is so much conflicting information

  • Are feeling stressed due to your symptoms and have low energy which is preventing you from exercising or doing other activities you enjoy

  • Are sick of your day being continually interrupted due to your symptoms

  • Do not require high-level support


‘Since working with Sarah everything is going awesome, I’m actually starting to enjoy the taste of oats and I have so much energy this morning. My mum has even jumped on board as well and eating the same as me!’
— Luke S


Your Package

Three personalised strategy sessions delivered within 3 months in an online private space

Two 30 minute calls in between our sessions to give you the support you need on the program

Additional email support from me for those SOS moments when you need some further guidance

Implementation Strategy Plan including customised dietary and lifestyle management as required by your symptoms

Maintenance Strategy Plan outlining everything you need to stay on track going forwards

Bonus Follow Up Call two weeks after the program conclusion

Specific nutritional investigations* as needed to uncover and correct the cause of the problem

Personalised supplement recommendations* where needed to heal the gut and restore nutritional balance

*External costs are not included in the package price






$375 per month

Please feel free to contact me or book in a free Gut Health Assessment and Strategy Call if you have any questions about whether this package is right for you

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