How long do the private sessions last?

Allow up to one hour for our initial session, and then follow up sessions are 30-45 minutes.

How are the private sessions delivered?

Online by video call (Zoom). This allows us more flexibility and the ability to work together from anywhere in the world.

If you live in the Brisbane, Logan or Ipswich area, our sessions can be in person by mobile visit if you would prefer.

What is the time commitment required?

We’ll work together to implement the program in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. This program is essentially about giving you back more time, because you won’t have to factor for things like planning different meals for yourself, putting in extra research time or having to wait around for your gut to settle down before you can get out and do what you want to do.

I am also available for our sessions after hours and on Saturdays.

It sounds great, but will it work for me?

This Program has been designed specifically for people dealing with gut issues, particularly if it has been an ongoing problem for some time. I’ve combined my years of clinical and personal experience into a signature methodology to help you to end the confusion and frustration of digestive issues, and instead create more calm and clarity.

You could try and continue researching on your own, experimenting and learning new things, but there is no guarantee that will work, and you may just end up wasting a whole heap of time. When you join this program and commit to doing the work, I’ll be there for you throughout the whole duration to support you and help you to achieve your goals. We’ll make sure that we follow strategies that are right for you to set you up for success.

Do you work with couples?

If you and your partner or friend would like to do the program together, we can certainly tailor the sessions this way. Please get in touch to discuss the set-up and pricing if this is something you are interested in.

I have other concerns, are you able to help?

We can certainly look further into anything else that might be bothering you - this program is not exclusive to your digestive symptoms. However, by working with the gut, you will likely find that other issues also settle down.

Are you covered by Medicare or private health funds?

Nutritionists do not attract a Medicare rebate.  Some health funds cover nutrition – it is best to check with your health fund directly as it varies between them and it also depends on your policy.  I do have a list of health funds that cover naturopathic nutrition, however policies change so it is always best to check with your provider.

I have another question

Contact me using the contact form below and I will happily answer any and all of your questions.  Sometimes it is best to have a call first to check that we are a good fit for each other!

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