The Secret Step to Overcome Bloating

Bloating is a very common complaint in society, with most people experiencing it at some point. For a lot of us, it happens every day no matter what we do or what we eat. There may also be pain that comes with it.


Bloating can make us feel like we have to always wear baggy clothes or like we don’t want to go swimming, even if we enjoy it. It is particularly hard in summer when it is so hot.

Our self-esteem can also take a hit and we might feel quite down on ourselves. This impacts our relationships because of the way we then talk to ourselves, and we may also be avoiding intimacy with our partner because of how self-conscious we feel.

If bloating doesn’t improve, we tend to retreat further down this path.

Check out my earlier blog post for some reasons for bloating and what to do about it.

If you follow some of the tips from my earlier post, there will be improvements in your bloating.

However, you are not likely to notice it if you continue to speak negatively to yourself.

When you greatly dislike your looks, you create an enormous amount of stress in the body.

This sets off the stress response and impairs digestion, contributing to bloating. You also suppress feel-good endorphins and other chemicals from being made in the body which perpetuates the cycle.

You can’t hate yourself into never being bloated! Making peace with your body is not often talked about, but it is almost the most important step to reducing bloating.

You will feel more confident, have more energy and freedom from the anxiety about dressing up in nice clothes or heading to the beach.

Your boost in self-esteem in turn improves your relationships with yourself and with others.

If you can do this, along with investigating the cause, your bloating will quickly and significantly recede.

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