Introduction – My Food Journey

Hi there! I’m Sarah, and it’s great to meet you.


I thought I would start by telling you a bit about me, and why I do what I do.

My journey with food really began when I was around 18.  Growing up, I was not really interested in my diet and was more interested in eating what tasted good!  However, as I got into my late teens and early twenties I started to become more unwell. I was underweight, often sick, had stomach issues all the time and was always fatigued. I was going home from work all the time and anxious about eating. Everything seemed to be a problem.

After many many doctors’ visits, testing, and trialling different diets, I was eventually diagnosed with coeliac disease.

After I was diagnosed I had a new challenge of learning how I could eat.  I thought I had been eating healthy, but these foods were not healthy for me.  It certainly is not easy to have to change your diet from what you have been eating your whole life!

It probably took about 3 months of following a strict gluten free diet before I began to feel better.  Suddenly I had energy again, my stomach wasn’t always bloating and cramping and I was able to do so much more.  

But even though things were better, I was still having lots of gut issues.

When you have a digestive disorder or there is something wrong with your gut, there is also a lot of damage done. It is not enough just to eliminate food that you know is an issue - more work is required to bring down the inflammation and heal the gut. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are usually told. I only realised this while I was studying.

The other factor which is not often talked about is the emotional connection. Stress impacts the ability of your gut to break down and digest food, which is a major cause of gut symptoms. The gut and brain are so closely connected, and thankfully this knowledge is becoming much more common.

It wasn’t until I also healed my gut and addressed the stress I was under that things finally changed for me.

It took about 8 years from start to finish (maybe even longer) for me to work all of this out, and I don’t want this to be the case for you. I want to shortcut the process and help you get to the bottom of what is going on and how to fix it in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is why I started studying, and this is the difference I want to make with my business.

Thanks for reading my story!