Trying to fix gut issues can feel like a never ending spiral. You often must dig around for information yourself, which turns it into a trial-and-error process


Hi there! I’m Sarah, passionate about changing the paradigm of gut health. I’m dedicated to helping you overcome your gut issues so that you can live your life to the fullest.

my story

This passion comes from my own personal journey with gut problems. From around my mid-teenage years, I started to become quite unwell. I was underweight, often sick, my stomach was reacting to basically everything and I was constantly fatigued. Things continued to get worse as I got into my early twenties, and it was at the point where I was regularly going home from work and isolating myself because of it all.

I was eventually diagnosed with coeliac disease and eliminating gluten did change my life. After a few months I had much more energy, I was at a healthy weight and my confidence was up.

But then things plateaued. Yes, I had improved, but I still had lots of gut symptoms, and my emotional state was all over the place.

It wasn’t until I went on a deep healing journey to address the stress that I was under and fix my relationship with myself that things finally changed for me. I finally was able to cut through all the confusion and tune into my body to give it what it loves and needs. As a result, my gut symptoms went down, my energy stabilised and I felt much more calm and clear.


As a holistic wellness practitioner, I’m a bit like a bridge in between two large cliffs. You’re on one side which represents your current situation, and you’re looking over at the other side which is where you want to get to with your gut health. I’m the bridge that takes you over to the place that you truly want to be.

I work with clients both locally and globally in an online private space. We start by having a thorough discussion about their specific situation and putting together a step-by-step protocol. Initially, it’s all about investigating, getting some answers and bringing symptom relief. We then work on healing the gut by addressing the physical, emotional and environmental factors that are causing the issues, so that we can start to bring back their energy and give them more freedom around eating. Finally, we create a strategy for them to continue with so that they have the confidence they need to move forward without their symptoms holding them back.

Through this process, my clients learn how to understand their bodies so that they can heal both inside and out. This is what really sets them up for life, even after we finish our work together.

It’s a bit like having a personal detective – I’m there to help you piece together what’s going on with you and figure out the solutions. My job is to help you understand what’s happening in your body because then you’re able to tune in and give your body what it really needs. These acts of compassion are healing in themselves and enable you to leave the worry of your digestion behind so that you can instead focus on the things that matter most to you.

My work allows me to fulfil what I’m most passionate about, which is ultimately helping women to reconnect with themselves so that they can experience more joy and love in life.


Sarah Spann holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and is a registered practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Sarah’s obsession with learning continues and, along with obtaining her Velocity Coaching certification she is in her final year of completion of a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). She also regularly attends industry conferences and stays up to date with the latest research.

As a gut health specialist, her work has been featured in Healthline, LFI Labs, Health Magazine UK, Australian Online Courses, Top 8 Home Remedies, Happy Wellness Life, Toast Fried and FodShopper, the go-to low FODMAP online store and resource centre.


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