Seven Day Gut Relief Plan

Eating a healthy diet plays a huge role in gut health. But what, exactly, is a healthy diet and how do you know what’s right for you as an individual?

This Plan is all about helping you to establish exactly that.

With a meal plan and recipes packed full of gut loving foods to give you symptom relief, along with guidance on becoming more body aware and giving yourself the love and care you need, you’ll finish this Plan with clarity on exactly what you need to do to enjoy better gut health.

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Detailed Strategy

Kickstart your gut health with a step-by-step guide on following the meal plan, understanding portion sizes and monitoring your progress. Also included are meal prep and time management hacks, along with stress management techniques to maximise your success.

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Meal Plan and Recipes

Take the stress out of meal times with a complete meal guide to follow. These meals have been selected specifically to help soothe the gut and feed all those good bacteria to give you a happy gut and help settle those symptoms. Recipes are also included - no further research required!


Guidance Going Forwards

This Plan goes far beyond the seven days. You’ll get some final notes to help you to move forwards and continue your journey to great gut health.

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