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There is so much confusion when it comes to gut health. What should we eat? What’s good for us and what isn’t? It seems like everyone has a different opinion.

If you have gut issues, you’ve likely tried various diets or plans and spent hours researching, but haven’t found anything to help long-term.

You’ve probably heard that diet is very individual, but how do you know what’s right for you?

If you’re tired and confused, are sick of your symptoms interrupting your day and are not sure what (or if) to eat, then you’re in the right place.


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What clients are saying


I've only been with Sarah a month but real results are already showing. I am so glad we found each other. I'd been struggling for a long time. I felt sick all the time.

I have a little bit more energy and I sleep right through the night (have not done that for years). The best thing is my stomach is not so angry anymore. I stopped passing wind (all the time with no control ) and burping.

Sarah is a listener She is very knowledgeable. I can tell her anything. Sarah is mobile and you can call her anytime which I like. Im looking forward to next month. I recommend her to everyone!

- Janet McGee, Brisbane, Australia

I had a pleasure of working with Sarah since December 2018. My child had been seriously unwell for several months prior to that, with the symptoms being inflamed lymph nodes, headaches, painful stomachaches, severe eczema, and weight loss. In December, the child was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in the hospital. I found the combination of the efforts of the hospital team (pediatrician, dermatologist, etc.) and Sarah’s advice extremely beneficial. Sarah was able to provide enormous help with the following:

• She suggested a step-by-step treatment plan, with regular conversations along the way. It made digesting tones of new information a lot easier for me. There is plenty of often contradictory data in the Internet, whereas Sarah was able to streamline and structure the advice to make it clear.

• Sarah explained how a huge part of the treatment depends on healing the gut. She was the first to suggest undertaking the intolerance test, which identified multiple food intolerances in addition to gluten. Simply sticking to the gluten-free diet was not enough, as other foods were causing constant inflammation. With Sarah’s guidance, recipes and tips, and us adhering to the diet, I was able see the results in a few months.

• Although we are still in the middle of the journey, after 4 months, headaches and stomachaches were gone; bloating reduced sufficiently; inflammation is decreasing; skin condition has improved and eczema has become manageable.

• Sarah is giving extremely helpful advice on restoring the flora and inner state of the gut, settling the immune system and bringing the inflammation down, as well as the necessary supplements and nutrients.

She explains everything in a comprehensive language, making it clear how the connections and substances in our body work and affect our wellbeing. As opposed to the mere prohibition of non-tolerated foods, Sarah explains what it is in them that is not working well with the body, and suggests replacement options to ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals are consumed.

She always responds promptly to my questions. Her answers are well explained and researched.

Sarah is an empathic, honest, reliable and extremely pleasant person. I will definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is suffering gut-related and nutritional issues.
— Svetlana [Lana] Terechshenko - Brisbane, Australia

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Sarah’s advice and suggestions for dietary changes and supplements have certainly helped me to overcome a few longstanding health issues in quite a short period of time. I am now more able to predict the foods that I should avoid, and I have strategies to use when I am away from home and have less control over my diet. I have really appreciated the research that Sarah has done to assist me in overcoming each of the health issues I spoke with her about. My gut issues have improved so much that I am now able to live a more relaxed lifestyle. Sarah has been very friendly, supportive and easy to work with. I have really enjoyed working with Sarah – Diane Henderson, Brisbane, Australia.


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